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"Awen yn codi o'r cudd ac yn cydio'r cwbl"
- Waldo Williams
(Awen arising from hiding and everything binding)

The Open Door

Heilyn opens the door to end the sojourn on Gwales; The Birds of Rhiannon fly.
Illustration by Margaret Jones

When the door is opened,
when Rhiannon’s birds still their song
and the head of Brân is silent,
who will speak to us as we pass
the door that can never again be closed
in our Time?

Shame on my beard” said Heilyn
“If I do not open it” - 
The door that Manawydan counselled
Should not be opened , for he knew
The pain that would fall upon him,
The grief of many deaths
And his world changed beyond enduring.

For now a blackbird sings in a garden enclosed,
fills the bare boughs of a tree with strident beauty.
It is enough. Buds will break. The tree will bear green leaves.
Other doors will open. 

1 comment:

  1. A haunting poem and image which feels very relevant right now.


    'The grief of many deaths
    And his world changed beyond enduring'...

    I wonder which Heilyn opened 'that door' this time...


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