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"Awen yn codi o'r cudd ac yn cydio'r cwbl"
- Waldo Williams
(Awen arising from hiding and everything binding)

Half-Term With Osian

February, but the weather is warm
and bright so we go to walk by the sea.
It is high tide & though there's no wind
big waves are breaking (Moon & Sun 
aligning) tall walls of water running 
in to the shore, crashing against the sea 
wall and rising to pillars of spray, some 
catching the bright rays of sunlight and 
flashing sudden rainbows before they fall.
We stand back, just out of range watching
the water running across the stones missing
us by yards, but still feeling the far edge
of spray caressing our cheeks.
A big wave comes now and we retreat
from the cascade and the running stream,
Osian holding hands tightly as we take him
back up out of reach. We go home with a tang
of salt on our faces: why he likes to stay.

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