"Ponderynge together yestardayes promise, and two-dayes doyng"
(Hall's Chronicle - 1548)

"Goronigl gwyr yr Ynys" (Lewis Glyn Cothi - 1450)

Gerallt Lloyd Owen

The Welsh poet Gerallt Lloyd Owen died this week.  Here is my translation of his poem referring to the death, in 1282, of Llywelyn, a typical evocation of both the end and the beginning of Wales as it was and as it became:


Right here we stepped into the dark
Llywelyn got it in the neck
This I'll never forget.

Right here in this stream
Llywelyn was seen
He stepped on this stone.

The dark falls right here
The enemy creeping near
It all happened right here.

I'm here right now
Where his hair lay on straw
Drops of blood on this floor.

Here is our memory
Here our breath breaks free
Here, just now, was our nativity.