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"Awen yn codi o'r cudd ac yn cydio'r cwbl"
- Waldo Williams
(Awen arising from hiding and everything binding)

Water Mother

 Click on image for Fidelma Massey's web site

This sculpture by Fidelma Massey inspired the following poem:

Water Mother

A flow of bronze, her fluid hair streaming
from the well-head of her thoughts of water,
fishes gliding on the waves she dreams
into being rippling out to swim
around her open heart. Below, the spreading
dolphin-tail of her head is echoed
like an image swelling in a liquid mirror
as she sits, eyes shut, one leg folded
behind the other, her litheness broadening
to the delta where the ebb tides of her elemental
life fall in ripples down to skirt her knees:
the fountain's flume reflected in its pool.
In her cradling hands a lunar glow,
her pivot in the cosmic ebb and flow.

Fidelma is showing her work in an exhibition opening on the 15th of March called 'The Storytellers’ at the Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk in Lancashire. The poem will feature in the exhibition.

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