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"Awen yn codi o'r cudd ac yn cydio'r cwbl"
- Waldo Williams
(Awen arising from hiding and everything binding)

The Other Side

It was an interlude between intensities ˘ A path never before taken so far ˘ Though often tasted along its beginning. ˘ Venturing farther than ever before through ˘ The gate into the paddock and the farm ˘ Beyond it, I passed through the horses ˘ Without fear but with some trepidation ˘ And found myself on the other side ˘˘ As if in a different world, stiller, more tranquil ˘ The lake, the willows, and the diffusion ˘ Of dew across those water meadows ˘ Infused the place with more than moisture ˘ In the late summer haze of september ˘ Still green, but hued with an autumnal aura.

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