So green the hillside, with a message of love
So long the day with the freshness of May,
Such bright greenness could not hide itself away.
Fair breasts of hills' bright bushes in May,
So short the night, it’s no hard journey,
Such fair hawks and blackbirds of May
So lively the nightingale when she sings
And all the small birds of May.
Such quivering passion it would teach me
There’s nothing so glorious as May.

Dafydd ap Gwilym

(my translation of): 

Neud glas gofron, llon llatai,
Neud hir dydd am irwydd Mai,
Neud golas, nid ymgelai,
Bronnydd a brig manwydd Mai,
Neud bernos, nid twrn siwrnai,
Neud heirdd gweilch a mwyeilch Mai,
Neud llon eos lle trosai
Llafar, a mân adar Mai,
Neud esgud nwyf a'm dysgai,
Nid mawr ogoniant ond Mai.

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