"Ponderynge together yestardayes promise, and two-dayes doyng"
(Hall's Chronicle - 1548)

"Goronigl gwyr yr Ynys" (Lewis Glyn Cothi - 1450)

Monday, 1 March 2010


Yng ngwladwriaeth y gerdd,
perffaith yw'r llywodraeth a rydd
y grym sydd mewn gramadeg
i ddeiliaid iaith.

(Bryan Martin Davies)

In the poem's estate, perfect
is the governance of grammar
which gives its subjects
the power of language.


Adam said...

That is beautiful and elegant... now, if only I could read it in the original, I'm suspecting it could be doubly so

Greg said...

Yes, and all locked together with cynghanedd too!