"Ponderynge together yestardayes promise, and two-dayes doyng"
(Hall's Chronicle - 1548)

"Goronigl gwyr yr Ynys" (Lewis Glyn Cothi - 1450)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Policing the G20

There has been much publicity about the policing of the G20 protests in London following the death of a paper seller who wasn't even part of the demonstration. There have been a couple of further high profile complaints and a number of others, one of which from my son.  He was helping a woman who had fallen when  a policeman who did not have numbers displayed on his shoulders hit him across the face with his baton. He has lodged a complaint.

More generally a petition has been set up to oppose the use of the tactics of  'kettling', (the corralling of everyone into a confined area from which no-one can exit, often for hours at a time) batons and other aggressive police tactics at entirely peaceful protests. 

If you would like to sign this petition you can do so  HERE


Bo said...

That's awful. Is your son OK?

The Heron's Stare said...

Yes thanks, but he got a nasty cut over his eye.